What's New This Week: Office 365 Administration

October 13, 2017
by Jessica Massey

Starting this week Station 28 will be announcing (weekly) the latest updates that will be rolled out to Office 365 customers! Stay tuned to the latest advancements Microsoft has to offer. 👍🏽
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These new capabilities include:
  •   Focused admin experience: To assure that you can more easily find and access the functionality most important to you. Such as user management, group management, or billing information.
  •  Assisted guides: To help you with scenarios such as successfully off-boarding an employee from Office 365 using Microsoft best practices.  
  •  Recommendations: To help you make Office 365 more secure or efficient, we’ll start showing personalized recommendations to you in the Office 365 admin center.   
  • Usage reporting improvements: To help organizations drive end user adoption with the following usage reporting capabilities:
    • Microsoft Teams track usage reports
    • Reports reader role  
    • Office 365 Usage Analytics
    • Microsoft Graph reporting APIs
  • Service Health Notifications via email (preview): To easily monitor the service and track issues. 
  • New admin and end user training: To help you learn all the aspects of Office 365 with many resources.  
  • Scoped Admin Roles (preview): To delegate and restrict administrative permissions for a group of users.   
  • New SharePoint admin center: For managing SharePoint more effectively leveraging more functionality.  
  • New Microsoft Teams and Skype admin center - To manage all aspects of Teams and Skype for Business in a single coherent admin experience.  
  • Multi-Geo capabilities to Office 365: To help you meet data residency requirements while enabling modern communication and collaboration experienced for globally dispersed employees.  
Look forward to these features in the upcoming weeks! Microsoft is slowly rolling them out.