What Can Microsoft Cloud Services Do For Your Business?

October 10, 2017
by Jessica Massey

Join the tech revolution in the cloud

Microsoft's Cloud has created a technology revolution for small to medium sized businesses (SMB's), offering access to a range of capabilities that typically only larger companies can afford. Using an internet connection, SMB's can tap into software services as they need and pay for what they use on a montly basis. Are you ready to take advantage of Microsoft Cloud services?

No Data Center

What’s awesome about the cloud? Improved collaboration.

Cloud programs can be used at any time on any device, just by using your internet connection. This benefit leads your teams to greater collaboration, a positive for those with employees working remotely. Easily connect with other employees through instant messaging and even hold impromptu meetings with robust audio, video and web conferencing capabilities. This improved sharing of information enables your company to react more quickly to business opportunities in turn, making you money!


Backup for your backup's

If you’re a small to medium sized business, you may not have a data center. Most of the time we see SMB’s storing their data directly on their devices, with no backups. (Disaster waiting to happen) Luckily for you, there is the cloud. The cloud can help ensure you are able to retrieve the latest versions of your data in case of an on-sight failure or a disaster, such as a flood or fire. Choosing a provider like Microsoft gives your business the proactive upper-hand.

Unlimited Scalability

Whether you're scaling vertically, horizontally, or diagonally, the Cloud conforms to your business' needs. Having this IT ability and resource allows you to handle growing or decreasing demands in a capable manner. This is one of the most popular and beneficial features of cloud computing.