The Story Behind Our Name: Station 28

December 4, 2017
by Jessica Massey

What is the history behind Station 28? 

Well like most stories begin, it all started at a bar. Previous President Kris Meir, current CEO Chris Anderson, and CTO Geoff Sandner were casually enjoying their evening when they decided to brainstorm business name ideas. They started to talk through some ideas, ultimately coming up with a technology term and something relating to Buffalo.

Outsourcing Buffalo

The 'Station' in Station 28

During their bar chat, an idea sprung from Kris Meir for the technology related part. He suggested using 'station' as the beginning of the name. We define a 'station' as a point of a line of communication, an example would be a computer or a telephone. The business world relies heavily on these different forms of communication to complete day to day tasks, which is why it's in our name. Station 28 believes in technology and the ability to harness it to better businesses daily tasks. 

The significance of '28'

As most of you know, Buffalo is known as the "Nickel City". This fun fact attributed to the the second half of our name. When looking at the periodic table, you will notice that the atomic weight for Nickle is 28. The team wanted to include a piece of Buffalo in the name, so they added the cryptic '28' to the end.

More about our team:

Station 28 has zero salespeople on our staff because we only provide clients with support/hardware they need. Our experienced technicians know how to inspect and evaluate your current IT infrastructure and determine a path of action that will save your business time and money. The 9 individuals on our team have a wide range of talents, making for the best synergy. 


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