Station 28 Promotions

April 28, 2017
by Jessica Massey

As a growing company, Station 28 is pleased to announce the advancement of 4 careers.

Moving into a senior position is Peter Tomaschko, who alone accounts for 18+ years in the field. Peter has dedicated his knowledge and expertise to some of Station 28's top clients and we look forward to his continued hard work.

Next, Jeff Romaneo is taking over the lead role in our education channel as Vice President of Education. Jeff's new role will keep him front and center of our K-12 charter school relationships where he has played a pivotal role in cementing our commitment to children's education.

Geoff Sandner will be taking on the role of Chief Technology Officer. This esteemed position is more than well deserved for Geoff considering his 20+ years working in the IT industry.

Leaving his role of Chief Executive Officer, Steve Kiernan will be maintaining his position as a member of the board. Steve is handing the role of CEO to none other than Station 28's own Vice President, Chris Anderson. Chris's leadership, vast knowledge of IT, and enthusiasm for our companies growth will serve to shape the continued success of Station 28.

Station 28 is proud of the direction we're headed and look forward to the upcoming months of growth. These strategic changes represent our ongoing development of Station 28 as a leader in the Western New York IT sector.

Congrats to everyone on their hard work and dedication to the team!

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