Our Favorite Azure Benefits

September 7, 2017
by Jessica Massey

Take advantage of all Azure offers

If you haven't heard of Microsoft Azure well, you're already falling to the competition.

Azure, which most think is just a cloud platform has actual quantifiable services like, analytics, computing, databases, mobile apps, networking, storage and even websites. Technology in many ways, is important to the success of an organization. What's difficult to most decision makers is how to prove ROI in every tech line item - there has to be an explainable value. This in your competitor's hands, gives them the means to outpace and out-muscle you.

We love our partnership with Azure because we can service a wide range of businesses. The cloud doesn't discriminate on the size of your business, meaning you don't have to be a 2,000-person team to migrate over! We've seen plenty of start-ups with just a couple people make the switch to

 Azure along with, doctors’ offices, law firms, and charter schools. 

If you're looking to make the switch, check out this list we compiled of Microsoft Azure benefits that CXO's will take value in.

Why Should You Outsource Your IT

1. Get Agile with Azure

Enjoy the ability to develop, test, feedback and retry when you're developing a new application with Azure. This feature allows business to try different features out and decide if it's for them, or not. With innovation being essential to all businesses, this has a huge impact without the weight of other options.

2. Azure is Fast, Scary Fast

You'll notice a variable difference in speed with:

  • Speed of deployment
  • Speed of scalability
  • Speed of operation

We've seen these measures up close and personal, I mean we do implement Microsoft Azure with several of our clients. It's simply can't be matched by on-premises or even other cloud providers.

3. Development Leader 

With Azure services, you get an added bonus, Visual Studio - the world's leading development environment. This gives developers a game-changing advantage, and demonstrates Azure's business focus.

4. Safe Backups

Azure Backups protect your critical assets and gives you trusted tools on-premises with rich and powerful tools in the cloud. This advantage delivers strong protection for customer data wherever it resides, meaning you'll never have to worry about the loss of data ever again.

5. Disaster Recovery

Feel safe knowing that when your data is stored redundantly between geographic regions, Azure is providing users with in-built fail-over and disaster recovery capabilities. This means that everyday you can confidently know these safety features are being deployed by Azure in the background of operations. It's time to protect your company's data in the most effective way possible. 


Be proactive and move to the cloud today! With Station 28, you can have your data backed up in no time.

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